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Labbe J.

Age Focus really does take you to the top! 
As a former U.S. Olympic Team member I knew what it was like to be at my peak.   So once I came across Dr. Gargiulo's and Bill's "Age Focus" I knew that because of their attention,  customized programs from nutrition to training, careful monitoring, hormone replacement and leading the way in advanced anti aging technology that I had finally gotten everything I was looking  for in one place.  I have made a significant change in my body.  Having had large fat loss and muscle mass gain in  the last 6 months I can't wait to complete the year..
Thank you for everything Age Focus!!  JP


testimonialsJuan Gargiulo
Kim F.

Age Focus is fantastic!  It's a wonderful place and the staff is great.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to become healthier and live a better lifestyle.  I have used another Age Management facility before Age Focus and can honestly say that Age Focus is by far superior!

testimonialsJuan Gargiulo
Lisa-Ann M.

Age Focus has taken health care to a higher level!  I have tried fad diets, work out dvds and vitamins with little to no results.  Age Focus designed a customized nutrition and wellness plan based on the evaluation they did on me and I have finally seen results!  Thank you AGE FOCUS for transforming me and putting me on track to healthy living!

testimonialsJuan Gargiulo
Julianna M.

Age Focus is an innovation to healthcare. The offer the latest in technology in testing mechanisms and truly customize a health plan that is right for you according to your Dexa Bosy Scan, Vo2 max and Metabolic rate results. They also offer some interesting cosmetic enhancements. 

In addition to the above, I also brought my Mother here to receive PRP therapy where they took her blood and spinned it in a centrifuge extracting all her platelets then injecting it into her knee. She has a damages meniscus and nothing has helped over the years. Ever since receiving this treatments, her knee is so much better than its been in years. 

I highly recommend Age Focus to anyone who is looking to achieve their optimum genetic potential!

testimonialsJohn Gargiulo
Jack M.

AgeFocus is 100% professional and the entire team is pleasant, knowledgeable and ready to assist you in achieving your goals. I have followed a few fitness programs for a long time and could not achieve my desired goal; now I have been able to increase my output and with the assistance of the AgeFocus team and I will achieve my ultimate goal...The program includes much more than just fitness; it is a lifestyle program that is realistic about living and staying healthy.
The offering from AgeFocus is customized to your life and your goals; there is no sales pitch; you create your program with the expertise of the AgeFocus professionals. I recommend a consultation ASAP!!!

testimonialsJuan Gargiulo
Laurie A.

Age Focus Management is unlike any facility I have seen before.  What impressed me the most was the variety of services.  Fitness is a part of my everyday life so when I learned that they use the Dexa Scan to measure body fat and the VO2 testing to measure the maximum oxygen consumption, I knew my results would be accurate.  The staff was able to develop a fitness program that was personalized for me and my fitness goals.  They have a nutritionist on staff that helped give me a clearer understanding of how to divide my carbohydrate, fat and protein intake.  The services at Age Focus and the staff are amazing and I recommend anyone who wants a better quality of life to give them a call and see for themselves.

testimonialsJohn Gargiulo
Caesar A.

Age Focus really knows what they are doing. I'm on day 5 of my program and have seen nothing but great results and support from their staff. I am definitely on my way to a healthier newer, better me. I recommend anyone who needs that extra push in the right direction to contact Bill at Age Focus ASAP. You are worth it to be in great shape.


testimonialsJuan Gargiulo
Dennis F.

The staff at AgeFocus was very helpful for what I was looking for! I wasn't feeling well and they helped me get more energy and get me back to peak performance. I recommend them to anyone that want to get back one track to a healthier lifestyle.

testimonialsJohn Gargiulo
William Y.

I wanted to lose 20 pounds in a short time and the team at Agefocus helped me achieve that and much more. I would recommend them to anyone that wanted to look and feel better on the inside and out.

testimonialsJuan Gargiulo
Joelle S.

Dr. Juan is amazing.   The staff are so patient and knowledgeable.   My 17 year old daughter and I come together.   Great for our busy schedules.

testimonialsJuan Gargiulo
Lorraine O.

I don't usually leave reviews, but AgeFocus is amazing! Everything about this place is wonderful...from the friendly staff that treats you like family to the relaxing, inviting atmosphere. Their treatments are incredible and you never feel rushed. I am completely happy with the outcome and I am telling all my friends.

testimonialsJohn Gargiulo
Janice J.

I needed to get my injections and went locally while in Hamptons. The place is ok-nothing fancy and the injections went fine. Overall I am happy with the results and would go back if my usual guy was not around.

testimonialsJohn Gargiulo
Lily H.

This is my go to spot for facials out east. Coming from the city where the options are endless, I found myself consistently disappointed with the results from other 'spas' in the area. My experience with Ken and the entire AgeFocus staff has always been the epitome of excellence.

testimonialsJohn Gargiulo

Hi. My name is Heather. I came to AgeFocus because although I don’t have a weight problem, I have a problem losing weight I have gained. I was doing multiple workouts, I modified my diet and I wasn’t drinking. All of the things I was doing were right, but still it didn’t jump-start my body. When I first came to AgeFocus, I had the goal of weight loss, specifically fat loss. From start to finish including the detox diet, the i-Lipo and the hCG diet I lost 2 full sizes and 21 pounds.

What I weighed when I first came in is not something I am comfortable sharing. However, I was very uncomfortable with my weight. I had put on 31 pounds in a very short period of time and I was finding it very hard to lose those pounds. I had probably lost about 6 or 7 pounds before I decided to seek professional help. When I started the hCG diet, I had a tremendous amount of energy. My energy spiked literally in 24 hours. I felt great. In fact I felt more clear-headed, as well. When I first came to AgeFocus there were lots of tests done to determine my start point and my end point. AgeFocus made it clear that it wasn’t necessarily the number that was important, but my overall body composition. What I saw was my sizes go down. It went down about 2 sizes in about 23 days during the hCG diet, which is a difficult diet and you have to be able to commit to it.

The beautiful thing about AgeFocus is I had Will’s number and I would call him up as though he were my sponsor and say I want a brownie! I had a lot of support each and every time I encountered a situation or something that was unexpected while on the diet. hCG jump-started me. It kick-started my body into making better choices. Not only do you see immediate results, but what you feel is better. You see the results and feel the results immediately, and when I say immediately, I mean within 24 hours!

testimonialsJohn Gargiulo

A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Gargiulo and AgeFocus. It was a wonderful experience. It changed my life 100%. On the hCG diet I lost 23 lbs. in 23 days. I felt very good. I had energy all of the time. I am very satisfied with the treatment. After my blood work he explained to me what my body comp was and where my hormones were. He recommended I should first lose weight. After the diet he put me on bio-identical hormones.

I am currently on the program and I feel really good. After the hCG diet I started on the bio identical hormones and vitamins. I can definitely see a difference. I can feel the difference. I feel stronger. I have more energy, and I am more focused at work.

testimonialsJuan Gargiulo
Connie M.

After turning 54 I woke up one morning and noticed what looked like a lump on my neck. I actually went to my doctor thinking it might be a tumor. He informed me, with a bit of a chuckle, that it was merely age. As the next few years passed I became more adroit at posing for pictures with my hand under my chin. I also had scarves to go with every outfit. When I looked in the mirror this was all I could see.

A number of health issues I have brought me to Dr. Gargiulo’s East End Pain Management office. In the office there are pictures of before and after of people who had undergone SlimLipo at Dr. Gargiulo’s other practice, AgeFocus. I often quipped to the girls that I looked like a before. Secretly, I wanted to look like an after. I was so self-conscious of the fat on my neck. I had to get creative with haircuts and was hopeful that make-up would somehow help. It didn’t. So, on my visit, I decided to ask if I was a candidate for the neck lift procedure. When I was told, “Yes,” I couldn’t schedule my appointment soon enough.

I had the neck lift done on December 7. By December 21 I was dancing at a Christmas Party! My face was still a bit swollen and also a bit bruised. I easily covered the bruising with make-up. For the first time in years I went to the party without a scarf!

As the days passed I kept looking in the mirror. I really couldn’t believe my eyes. My jawline returned and my “tumor” was gone. I hadn’t told anyone, other than my husband, that I was having this procedure done because I wanted to see if anyone would notice. Well it seemed I couldn’t go anywhere without someone commenting on how well I looked. It soon became apparent to me that people were indeed noticing!

True to what Dr. Gargiulo and Tram said, “You’ll continue to see tightening and improvement for six months.” At six months, I cut all my hair off. I can’t remember the last time I got as many compliments as I have recently received. I’m now 58 and even my 30-year-old son’s friends notice me and make it a point to tell me how great I look. Several people have said, “You know a lot of people couldn’t wear their hair that short and look as good as you do.” Six months ago I was one of those people.

I’ve always been into fashion and make-up. This is by far the best money I’ve ever spent and, if need be, would gladly do it again. Having a root canal can hurt more than this procedure. Yes, there was some pain and numbness, but it was well worth it! No more shying away from profile pictures for me any more!

testimonialsJuan Gargiulo
Caesar Campos

With the help of AgeFocus, I was able to lose the 50 lbs. When I came into the facility I was examined from head to toe. I was put on machines that measured my fat and my cardiovascular system – everything to know where I was with my diet and my health. The moment I understood where I was, it was immediately suggested I go on the hCG diet. My projected weight loss was about 60 to 80 lbs.

I had specific goals. I wasn’t feeling like myself. I had sleep apnea. I was overweight. I wasn’t myself. I didn’t have energy and wasn’t able to sleep properly. And I was at risk for getting heart disease or diabetes or having a heart attack at such a young age. I was never able to lose a single pound in my life. I have never been healthy like I have been now, and never ate the proper way and never was educated about what I should be eating or the amount of exercise what I should be doing. With the hCG diet and the proper information given to me by the doctors, I was able to lose the 50 lbs., and I’m still on the road of losing weight. We still have a lot of other phases to go, but I am extremely happy.

I have so much energy. All my clothes fit me again. Everyone notices. I’ve lost weight. It’s a tremendous shift of energy to be able to lose this amount of weight and feel better about yourself. If you’ve had trouble losing weight like myself or you have high risk of high-blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease, if you have sleep apnea, if you have all of these things wrong with you, then you can change that by doing the hCG diet. By doing this hCG diet you will lose the weight that you need to lose. It works for men. It works for women. It’s a great diet for you to completely take a hold of your life again. I highly recommend AgeFocus and the hCG diet.

testimonialsJohn Gargiulo
Clema Burch

I don’t have words to express my appreciation. You put a big smile on my face. I had Smartlipo abdomen & flanks and went from a size 10 to a size 7-8. I feel so good about myself and my husband love the new look. Thank you soooo much, Doc.

testimonialsJohn Gargiulo