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A few months ago I had the opportunity to attend an open house at AgeFocus, and I’m so glad I did! I had a consultation with Dr. Gargiulo. He answered a lot of my questions and explained several procedures of particular interest to me.
I decided to try some cosmetic fillers with him. Since I was unsatisfied with other doctors and other fillers I’d received, I decided I had nothing to lose. Truth be told, I always felt I looked terrible – well, I’m old! But that was about to change!
After receiving the filler, my boss, who is always amused to see changes in my face and comments on it (more here, less there), said this doctor is a facial artist! I agree; Dr. Gargiulo has a very special touch, and I’m very comfortable with him. He’s extremely kind, as is his wonderful team. He is also very funny – his sense of humor is wonderful.
I now have a membership at AgeFocus. I’ve been on bio-identical hormone therapy for the past five months and have been constantly monitored by the doctor. Simply put, my transformation has been amazing and I now feel alive. I’ve lost weight on the hCG Diet with the help of the nutritionist, Anthony. I’ve also had great treatment from Martha, who not only is an experienced aesthetician, but is also a truly uplifting person!
I also highly recommend what’s called the Vampire Facelift – a must-have! Plus, it’s totally inexpensive and the results are fantastic. I showed up at work the next day with no make-up, and my boss said, “Wow, you look younger! You look 45.” (I am 60). I feel great and am very happy with the results!
I’m truly thankful to Dr. Gargiulo for helping me become one of his patients. Things can be intimidating in medical offices. I was also concerned about the cost of the services. But the doctor and his team eased my concerns, and now I’m at AgeFocus once a week! So, thank you to the team!

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