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Hi. My name is Heather. I came to AgeFocus because although I don’t have a weight problem, I have a problem losing weight I have gained. I was doing multiple workouts, I modified my diet and I wasn’t drinking. All of the things I was doing were right, but still it didn’t jump-start my body. When I first came to AgeFocus, I had the goal of weight loss, specifically fat loss. From start to finish including the detox diet, the i-Lipo and the hCG diet I lost 2 full sizes and 21 pounds.

What I weighed when I first came in is not something I am comfortable sharing. However, I was very uncomfortable with my weight. I had put on 31 pounds in a very short period of time and I was finding it very hard to lose those pounds. I had probably lost about 6 or 7 pounds before I decided to seek professional help. When I started the hCG diet, I had a tremendous amount of energy. My energy spiked literally in 24 hours. I felt great. In fact I felt more clear-headed, as well. When I first came to AgeFocus there were lots of tests done to determine my start point and my end point. AgeFocus made it clear that it wasn’t necessarily the number that was important, but my overall body composition. What I saw was my sizes go down. It went down about 2 sizes in about 23 days during the hCG diet, which is a difficult diet and you have to be able to commit to it.

The beautiful thing about AgeFocus is I had Will’s number and I would call him up as though he were my sponsor and say I want a brownie! I had a lot of support each and every time I encountered a situation or something that was unexpected while on the diet. hCG jump-started me. It kick-started my body into making better choices. Not only do you see immediate results, but what you feel is better. You see the results and feel the results immediately, and when I say immediately, I mean within 24 hours!

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