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Connie M.

After turning 54 I woke up one morning and noticed what looked like a lump on my neck. I actually went to my doctor thinking it might be a tumor. He informed me, with a bit of a chuckle, that it was merely age. As the next few years passed I became more adroit at posing for pictures with my hand under my chin. I also had scarves to go with every outfit. When I looked in the mirror this was all I could see.

A number of health issues I have brought me to Dr. Gargiulo’s East End Pain Management office. In the office there are pictures of before and after of people who had undergone SlimLipo at Dr. Gargiulo’s other practice, AgeFocus. I often quipped to the girls that I looked like a before. Secretly, I wanted to look like an after. I was so self-conscious of the fat on my neck. I had to get creative with haircuts and was hopeful that make-up would somehow help. It didn’t. So, on my visit, I decided to ask if I was a candidate for the neck lift procedure. When I was told, “Yes,” I couldn’t schedule my appointment soon enough.

I had the neck lift done on December 7. By December 21 I was dancing at a Christmas Party! My face was still a bit swollen and also a bit bruised. I easily covered the bruising with make-up. For the first time in years I went to the party without a scarf!

As the days passed I kept looking in the mirror. I really couldn’t believe my eyes. My jawline returned and my “tumor” was gone. I hadn’t told anyone, other than my husband, that I was having this procedure done because I wanted to see if anyone would notice. Well it seemed I couldn’t go anywhere without someone commenting on how well I looked. It soon became apparent to me that people were indeed noticing!

True to what Dr. Gargiulo and Tram said, “You’ll continue to see tightening and improvement for six months.” At six months, I cut all my hair off. I can’t remember the last time I got as many compliments as I have recently received. I’m now 58 and even my 30-year-old son’s friends notice me and make it a point to tell me how great I look. Several people have said, “You know a lot of people couldn’t wear their hair that short and look as good as you do.” Six months ago I was one of those people.

I’ve always been into fashion and make-up. This is by far the best money I’ve ever spent and, if need be, would gladly do it again. Having a root canal can hurt more than this procedure. Yes, there was some pain and numbness, but it was well worth it! No more shying away from profile pictures for me any more!

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