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Caesar Campos

With the help of AgeFocus, I was able to lose the 50 lbs. When I came into the facility I was examined from head to toe. I was put on machines that measured my fat and my cardiovascular system – everything to know where I was with my diet and my health. The moment I understood where I was, it was immediately suggested I go on the hCG diet. My projected weight loss was about 60 to 80 lbs.

I had specific goals. I wasn’t feeling like myself. I had sleep apnea. I was overweight. I wasn’t myself. I didn’t have energy and wasn’t able to sleep properly. And I was at risk for getting heart disease or diabetes or having a heart attack at such a young age. I was never able to lose a single pound in my life. I have never been healthy like I have been now, and never ate the proper way and never was educated about what I should be eating or the amount of exercise what I should be doing. With the hCG diet and the proper information given to me by the doctors, I was able to lose the 50 lbs., and I’m still on the road of losing weight. We still have a lot of other phases to go, but I am extremely happy.

I have so much energy. All my clothes fit me again. Everyone notices. I’ve lost weight. It’s a tremendous shift of energy to be able to lose this amount of weight and feel better about yourself. If you’ve had trouble losing weight like myself or you have high risk of high-blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease, if you have sleep apnea, if you have all of these things wrong with you, then you can change that by doing the hCG diet. By doing this hCG diet you will lose the weight that you need to lose. It works for men. It works for women. It’s a great diet for you to completely take a hold of your life again. I highly recommend AgeFocus and the hCG diet.

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