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Spider Veins

Spider veins (thin red weblike networks of blood vessels that appear on your skin) are usually harmless, though they can sometimes cause aching, burning or pain, especially when you’ve been standing for long periods.

We offer a few different methods for removal:

  • IPL (laser)– used for smaller veins sometimes found on nose and face and for rosacea, as well. Laser (Intensed Pulse Light) is strong, pulsed bursts of light on the surface of the skin that use heat energy to selectively damage or destroy abnormal veins and cause the vein to slowly fade and disappear. No incisions or needles are used.

  • Asclera– used for larger veins sometimes found on legs. This procedure, available since 1930s, uses a highly concentrated saline (salt) solution or a specially made detergent that is injected directly into the vein, causing the vein to disappear gradually over three to six weeks. The procedure is simple, relatively inexpensive, and can be performed in an outpatient setting. Although the same vein may need to be injected more than once, sclerotherapy is usually effective if done correctly. Sclerotherapy doesn’t require anesthesia and can be done in your doctor’s office.

  • Radiofrequency occlusion – A small catheter is inserted into the vein. The catheter delivers radiofrequency energy to the vein wall, causing it to heat, collapse, and seal shut. The procedure is generally done in an outpatient or office setting, sometimes under local anesthesia.

Before & After Spider Veins Treatment

Before & After Spider Veins Treatment